About us

‘Enormous tourism potential’
 waiting to be tapped

Caerleon Tourism Forum aims to develop a sustainable tourism policy for the benefit of businesses in the area and for the community as a whole. It is felt there is enormous tourism potential waiting to be tapped.

The forum is trade-based, rather like a chamber of trade but with a broader remit. It has received declarations of support from elected representatives at all levels of government, the Wales Tourist Board and members of the public.

Public bodies are represented on the Forum, as are businesses such as the Celtic Manor Resort, the Priory Hotel and the Ffwrwm Arts and Crafts Centre.

The Forum is looking in detail at proposals for enhancing car parking in the town, with the co-operation of local landowners.
It has been involved in talks

on re-opening a railway station for the town, and is drawing up ideas for improving road signs in and around Caerleon.

Above all, it aims to publicise the wealth of attractions in the area, including the nationally important Roman sites and Museum and the Arthurian connections.

It is also making Caerleon a centre for the arts in partnership with University of Wales, Newport and other organisations. A third annual arts festival took place in July, 2005, including an international sculpture symposium.